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Here at Brisbane Security Management, we ensure only the highest level of service to our clients. WIth a firm belief in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with employees and customers.


Our Services

Crowd Control

Crowd control is a public security practice where large crowds are managed to prevent the outbreak of crowd crushes, affray, fights involving drunk and disorderly people or riots.

Static Guards

These security patrols vary both in time and route, in order to ensure the element of surprise should an incident occur. If an incident does occur, it is always logged in the appropriate incident book.

K-9 Security

Unlike many security providers, Canines are fully integrated into nearly every division of our operation, whereas other providers merely use them as a marketing device.

Cash Transit

Cash-in-transit (CIT) is the physical transfer of banknotes, coins, credit cards and items of value from one location to another. The locations include cash centers and bank branches, ATM points, large retailers and other premises holding large amounts of cash.


A concierge is an employee of a multi-tenant building, such as a hotel or apartment building, who receives guests.

Body Guards

A bodyguard is a type of security guard, or government law enforcement officer, or soldier who protects a person or a group of people—usually high-ranking public officials or officers, wealthy people, and celebrities—from danger.

V.I.P Protection

The VIP protection job is made more difficult by the endless hours and travel, placing the bodyguard and client together almost constantly.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is any actions taken to reduce the amount of theft, breakage, or wastage in a business. As the premier firm involved in retail loss prevention, we aim to equip our clients with an effective deterrent to theft and the ability to drive down the cost of crime.

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