When it comes to school security management, most people consider all the terrible news of school shootings and other external attacks as the highest threat schools can face. However, there are so many different safety threats and risks that can happen in a school environment, and it is best to avoid these threats as much as possible.

Studies have shown that children are more vulnerable to threats and attacks than the average adult, and left alone, they can also carry out the most terrible acts on each other.

Schools should not be a hub for violence and attacks. They should be an environment for learning, growth, fun, and community building. This should be the priority of every school, and to enable this, each school must place premium value on the kind of security measures they have.

Hiring a security service in Brisbane for schools have a lot of benefits, and here are the top 10 reasons you should hire security for yours:

  1. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE: Putting many young people together in the same environment means that anything can happen at any time. There is enough room for stampedes, falls, and other accidents that would require immediate responses.

The presence of a security guard in Brisbane schools ensures that a lot of these accidents are taken care of before it turns into a life-threatening situation. These solutions can include administering CPR to a fallen student or teacher, giving first aid treatments, and lifting heavy desks or doors that might have fallen on a student or teacher.

The presence of a security guard can make all the difference between losing or saving life sometimes.

  1. PREVENTION OF VIOLENCE: Students are liable to violence everywhere. Both younger high school students and older college students are prone to violence from bullying and other types of dangerous inter-relationships.

The presence of professional Brisbane security reduces these violent acts significantly. By being present, monitoring, and resolving these issues, more and more students become conscious of the higher presence and adjust accordingly.

  1. PROTECTION AGAINST STRANGE PRESENCE: Most of the attacks that have been launched against schools and students have resulted from external attacks. One of the ways this happens is when an unidentified stranger wrongfully gains access to the school grounds. A security guard can help prevent this in the most effective ways.

To prevent any stranger from walking into the school compound and constituting a nuisance, the Brisbane security guards are equipped to check every person for verified identities and authorization. Follow security protocols by confirming all identities and checking every backpack for dangerous items and weapons.

If any dangerous person slips through the crowd and starts causing chaos on the school grounds, the security guards are trained to identify the threatening presence as soon as it starts and nip it in the bud.

  1. EXPOSURE TO THE SECURITY FORCES: Coming from many TV shows and the news flying around, most students don’t have a favorable opinion of the security forces around them, like the Police. Allowing them to experience the expertise of a security agent daily can help improve this perception.

When they can see that the security agencies are there as a form of protection rather than a source of threat, they begin to trust more and accord every official security respect, and know to inform them when in any risky situation.

  1. SECURITY CHECKS: One thing you are sure to find in a school environment is the abundance of pranks and tricks. Sometimes, some of these pranks can get out of hand and even become life-threatening. Some of them may involve fire, water, or even pre-planned falls.

The presence of a Brisbane security guard who does periodic checks around the school environment and classrooms can help detect and prevent some of these things. They can prevent a fire breakout once detected, or a flood incident in the event of a broken pipe. The presence of these guards can also reduce the occurrence of these dangerous pranks significantly, forcing the children to find healthier and more fun ways to play games.

  1. HANDLING OF SECURITY DEVICES: Every professional security guard is trained to handle every type of security device used in a school building and ensure that they serve their security purposes.

Some of these security devices include security cameras and alarms. The presence of professional security thus means that every one of these security devices would be used optimally.

Security guards are trained to interpret the data from these security devices accurately and use the information gotten for the intended purposes.

  1. INCREASED STUDENT OBSERVATION: Security guards thrive on observation and attention. With keen observation, they can tell what student is more prone to violence, what student is depressed and needs help, or what student requires extra protection from bullies.

With this information, appropriate care can be given to each student the way they need it, and this information can even be relayed to the parents for proper care of their children. Many violent occurrences or suicide attempts in school come from students who are depressed. Keen observation and identification can prevent some of these occurrences.

  1. INCREASED SECURITY: Security guards can work with the teachers or guardians in the school environment to quickly curb all kinds of violent situations. For example, if a teacher witnesses a massive fight between two students and has no idea how to break them up, the security guard can help.

When teachers are too terrified to respond appropriately or don’t even know the appropriate response to a situation, a professional security guard can take charge and dispel the problem quickly and effectively.

  1. HELP FOR EACH STUDENT: Security guards can also be first responders in different situations and can be called upon by any student in any form of danger for help. For example, a bullied student can call upon the security guard for help.

A student having a health situation can reach out to the security guard. Students who are privy to delicate information on fights and planned violence can reach out to the security guards to help take care of the situation before it escalates.

  1. GUARDIANS FOR THE BUILDING: Security guards can also double as guardians and show them around the school when parents or other new visitors come to the school for several reasons.

Security personnel acting as a guardian can serve two purposes. They can serve recreational purposes by acting as tour guides while doing their rounds, and this can also be a way to monitor the movements of each visitor and ensure that they don’t have any ulterior motives for the school or students.


Suppose you have ever wondered why it is necessary to have a proper security outfit for schools. In that case, we hope some of the reasons mentioned above have convinced you that more than anyone else, children need all the security they can get.

Brisbane Security Management has a large capacity of trained and professional security guards to protect your school environments maximally and keep everything peaceful. Contact us today for the best school security.