About Us

Brisbane Security Management was established in Queensland with the aim of providing a specialised security company, which meets all client’s needs.

Alex Stewart is the owner and operator of Brisbane Security Management, and has over twenty years experience in the security industry.  This experience includes crowd control, static guard, dog handling as well as overseas postings.

It is mandatory by law that all employees of Brisbane Security Management hold a valid Security Licence in accordance with the Security Providers Act 1993.

All dog handlers used within Brisbane Security Management own and handle their personal dogs, all of which are in excellent condition.  Both handlers and dog must attend training sessions to ensure that as a team they are working to their full potential.


Our Mission


• To provide highly trained professional security personnel

• To demonstrate integrity and reliability at all times

• To provide customised service that meets the clients needs

• To provide twenty four hour, seven days a week communication between management and the security staff

• To provide on-site supervision at regular intervals

• Protection of client’s property, staff and assets

• Provide continual training of all staff in public relations and personal responsibilities

• Provide confidentiality regarding client’s sites and security requirements