For our clients throughout Queensland, at Brisbane Security Management, we are able to offer a customised and unique mix of security services. From K-9 security to Static Guards and even Personal bodyguards, our services are at the upmost professional and all trained inhouse so you know exactly who will be working as security. K-9 security is one of our specialities and we are able to offer the highest level of trained protection dogs and their handlers. We are very careful in the dogs we are select and have the upmost confidence in their abilities and training before we have them out in our service. Our Static Guards are always trained to operate under the highest professional standards and understand the importance have protecting our client’s premises and everything that comes within it. Not only are our guards highly trained, they are also equipped with all the right equipment for them to do their job at the highest standard and communicate efficiently. One of the most unique services we offer is our tailored to you V.I.P Protection offer, a premium protection service using bodyguards that have been fully trained beyond just protection. Bodyguards that work in our premium protection service have been trained in protective and security related subjects, trained in tactical abilities and also in first aid, following protocol and also in diplomacy. At Brisbane Security Management we are also able to offer personal bodyguards through our V.I.P Protection offer. There is no outsourcing, no external contracts which means that whether you are hiring us for our Cash-in-transit asset protection services, Loss Prevention offer or even Gate House service, you can be confident and feel safe with the protection of Brisbane Security Management.

Crime in Brisbane

Crime statistics are always changing but it is something that is normally at the back of everybody’s mind, especially if you own a business, property or assets of value. With the population ever increasing, there is bound to be an increase in crime over the years and Brisbane is no exception to that rule. Of course, fears of violent crime are always warranted and while that statistic has gone up a little, there are other crimes that have seen a boost over the last three years. While it is still a relatively safe place to live, you can never be too careful, especially when you are handling goods or wanting to protect your commercial or business premises from would be thieves. Sometimes even the presence of security is enough to deter crime so hiring a Brisbane security company is always a wise idea. Static Guards, like the ones you can hire from Brisbane Security management, are able to protect your premises and everything within them so you can have peace of mind when operating your business or commercial venture. With vandalism, theft and property damage being the most common crimes committed and being the one that has risen the most, there is a huge benefit to talking to a professional security company at how best to protect your company. At Brisbane Security Management, we can come up with a range of tailored solutions to best give you the security that you feel is necessary and that you need to avoid being a target for any crime.

Why Choose Brisbane Security Management?

A fully licenced, highly trained and operating under a high standard, Brisbane Security Management offers Brisbane security services throughout Queensland. Running under the ownership of Alex Stewart, the company takes pride in the extensive experience across various areas of security that spans over decades. These areas include, but are not limited to, crowd control, static guarding, dog handling and even overseas work. The track record of Alex and Brisbane Security Management shows how we are have been providing unrivalled and unparalleled security services across the state. At Brisbane Security Management we simply refuse to compromise on quality and integrity; our guards, dogs and handlers are always up to date in their knowledge, upskilling where possible and undertaking regular training sessions to maintain the high quality of service we are known to provide. With customisable services and always working with our clients to ensure the upmost service, Brisbane Security Management will give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what task or service you hire us, it is in safe and capable hands.