If you require the services of Brisbane Security Management, you will find that for Brisbane security we are renowned. Our key strengths include delivering exceptional customer service and providing suitably-qualified and experienced guards. Whether you’re seeking Static Guards, personal bodyguards or K-9 Brisbane security services, we can help. One of our specialties is our K-9 Brisbane security service and we offer an exceptional level of protection through our guards and experienced dogs. Our guards are trained and experienced in handling the dogs and we are careful about who we select to be part of our K-9 service. For Brisbane security, you can be confident in our aptitude to deliver quality K-9 security service in Brisbane. Furthermore, we offer Static Guards as part of our Brisbane security service and these guards are highly-trained and experienced. They conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and integrity and work with sheer dedication to the role. They are equipped with the right type of equipment needed to undertake their duties and communicate effectively. Our Static Guards work to protect your premises from unlawful entry, theft, vandalism and disgruntled employees. Brisbane Security Management offers VIP protection as well which is a premium Brisbane security service. Our guards are highly-trained and qualified to perform the tasks of a VIP protective detail and they are knowledgeable in tactical capabilities, first aid, protocols and procedures and diplomacy in communicating. Resolution-driven with strong problem-solving skills, they can assess a situation and determine an appropriate solution that meets requirements. We offer personal bodyguards as part of our VIP Brisbane security service as well as Cash-in-Transit asset protection services, Loss Prevention and Gate House Brisbane security services. Cash-in-Transit (CIT) is the physical transfer of banknotes, coins, credit cards and other items of value from one location to another and this includes ATM points. We provide Brisbane security details for Cash-in-Transit and you can rest assured your valuables are well protected. Additionally, Brisbane Security Management provides security guards upon urgent requests for protection of premises under receivership.

Crowd Control Service

Brisbane Security Management offers a Brisbane security crowd control service with suitably-qualified and trained guards. With exceptional customer service skills, our guards for crowd control are outstanding at communication and diplomacy. All guards hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate and a First Aid Certificate and undergo quality training to ensure that they are abreast of the latest updates in security legislation and regulatory requirements. There are several main categories of service with our Brisbane security crowd control service. Ensuring that people are not intoxicated and engaging in unruly behaviour is one part of our crowd control service and removing people who are on drugs or intoxicated is part and parcel of our service. Helping people find their way around the venue is another part of crowd control and a large part of it at that. You want to avoid the chaos of having people milling around looking for the toilet or the bar. Having effective signage is important for this as you will need to factor that into your event planning. Another important or salient part of crowd control is ensuring that there is a clear flow of people in and around the event. Managing the movement of people is important for avoiding chaos and an experienced Brisbane security firm such as Brisbane Security Management can achieve this for you. Furthermore, part of our crowd control service includes managing customer queues effectively. Queues are inevitable at an event and queue management needs to be taken care of otherwise you can have frustrated patrons and a complete headache.

Seeking a Brisbane Security Company?

As a starting point for seeking a Brisbane security company, you should check the company’s credentials. Are they qualified and suitably-trained? Do they possess a security licence and ISO Quality Management as well as Environmental Management? If yes, then they could be the company to engage with. Furthermore, checking if they are insured is important. You want to ensure that the company you utilise is appropriately insured for the tasks. Are they experienced professionals? Experience is crucial with Brisbane security and Brisbane Security Management has professional guards who possess extensive experience in the field. If the company that you research is flexible and adaptable with a diverse skill set, then they could be a quality company to use. We understand that the needs of businesses and organisations change and we can readily adapt to changing requirements. Our guards conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity and provide exceptional quality services to each and every client.