Brisbane Security Management present an unparalleled offer to the Queensland security scene. We take pride in each individual service currently offered. As part of our quality security service offering our K-9 Security will equip you with trained protection dog and handlers. We take great care with the selection and training of dogs in order to provide you with the highest quality service offered in the Brisbane security scene. With quality in mind at all times, Brisbane Security Managements Static Guards offering is designed for the sole importance of providing the best protection to our client’s premises and everything within it. We provide highly-skilled and well-presented guards who uphold a high degree of professionalism. For absolute peace of mind, our guards are fully equipped with equipment needed to successfully monitor the premises and communicate any findings. We under no circumstances outsource any services or use contractors for any services and provide our own in-house guards. As a leading Brisbane security service, our V.I.P Protection offer is a premium service with trained bodyguards that have undergone full training and boast abilities in tactical, protective and security related subjects including first aid, protocol and diplomacy. Our Personal Body Guard service is our manifest from decades of experience and understanding the needs of clients who require personalised protection. As part of Brisbane Security Management’s quality asset protection offering we provide a Cash-in-transit (CIT) security service inclusive of guarded physical transfer of assets from banknotes, coins, credit cards and items of value from one location to your desired location. Committed to providing quality, we service locations from cash centres and bank branches, ATM points, large retailers and other premises holding large amounts of cash such as ticket vending machines and parking meters. Complementing our asset protection offering is our Loss Prevention offer which allows for an added barrier in the form of a trained guard who evaluate activity on the premises in a bid to prevent the theft or destruction of your valuable stock or assets. As part of Brisbane Security Management diverse offering, we can arrange security guards with exceptional abilities to engage with patrons and staff to ensure order and safety is adhered throughout the course of an event. All staff hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and First Aid Certificate and are routinely kept up to date with new security legislation. In the event your property falls under receivership we can deploy a guard with or without our trained dog at short notice. Brisbane Security Management also offer an all-inclusive Gate House Service where we can arrange our highly trained guards to assess staff and contractors entering a premises. Our trained guards will run a due diligence check by reviewing identification and particulars at the point of entry to ensure no unauthorised person/s are entering a site. At Brisbane Security Management we strive for quality on all fronts and focus on delivering the best outcomes across all our Brisbane Security services.

What Does a Security Officer Do?

For anyone who hasn’t had to appoint security service or a security officer, you might be asking yourself, what exactly do they do? Although this is a broad question, Brisbane Security Management can explain what a good quality service and engagement should look like as we’ve first hand delivered various services across the Brisbane security scene. Security Officers are deployed to secure a premises and personnel by patrolling property, reviewing and monitoring surveillance equipment, routinely inspecting buildings, equipment, and access points and permitting entry. In the event of a breach, a security officer will raise alarms to obtain help from other security guards on-site or nearby authorities. As Security Officers are engaged to protect your premises, contents and surrounds, a Security Officer will assist with the prevention of loss or damage by evaluating any suspicious activity. 

Why Dogs Are Great for Security Guards

You may have viewed our K-9 Security offering that provides you with a highly trained dog and handler and want to know more, or perhaps you already use dogs as part of your security and are simply wondering why they are so great for security guards. We will take you through some known benefits of why dogs and guards work great together from our experience of servicing the Brisbane security scene. As we can already appreciate the full scope of abilities a security guard offers, dogs have an embedded curiosity and will signal their handler if they notice, hear or even smell something that is suspicious. A dog’s sense is able to add an additional dimension to a security guards’ evaluation of a premises. Given a dog’s ability for intimidation, through barking or bearing teeth at a potential threat, this can often deter a the threat from existing in the first place as the threat is likely to suspect the oncoming of harm their way if they trigger the dog. Furthermore, once the dog is triggered and begins barking, security guards are likely to follow with more bad news heading in the threat’s direction. Brisbane Security Management offers Brisbane security at a high quality standard which is unparalleled within Queensland security companies.