A bodyguard is much more than the muscled man you see on TV, wearing sleek black suits and dark shades, and looking like an imposed presence. A bodyguard is a security personnel that has high skills and is specially trained to provide protection and security for a person or group of people.

The most common people who use bodyguard security services in Brisbane are celebrities, politicians, famously rich business people, and people facing significant security threats for one reason or the other. These groups of people typically face threats different from the general insecurity everyone faces.

Most bodyguards are equipped with extensive experiences, ex-military values, and training that makes them more alert and able to interpret, manage and subvert any threatening situation in record time.

While most people do not consider the use of security guard in Brisbane beyond looking threatening and following their wealthy clients all over the place, the importance of bodyguards go beyond all that to include:

  1. VISIBLE WARNING: One of the first and most crucial roles of a bodyguard is to make themselves visible to everyone who cares to look. This visibility works in two ways; first, it boosts the client’s confidence in the security provided. Clients would feel significantly more confident when they can see and feel the presence of their bodyguard than when they can’t see.

Secondly, visibility makes the bodyguard’s duty significantly more accessible. The conspicuous presence of security personnel is enough to deter some petty incidents. When everyone can see the bodyguard, it would require more effort and skill to breach that security, which is enough to discourage every minor criminal.

  1. THOROUGH INSPECTION: Employing the services of a personal bodyguard means that you wouldn’t enter any space, vehicle, or room without prior inspection to ensure maximum safety and detection of any threats.

These inspections are done with different tools that might not be readily available to every regular person. They are also trained to pick up on the slightest hint of a change of prior presence by their heightened sense of details and observation. This means that you would enter any place feeling safe and secure, confident and ready for what you are there to do.

  1. HEIGHTENED VIGILANCE: A bodyguard is trained to be vigilant at all times. They are exceptionally skilled to pick up on any irregular occurrence, smell, person, or even the presence of a specific car.

A bodyguard can detect the smell of burning wire or pick up on the sound of a door being opened quietly. They can pick up on the man that seems to be always around and looking at everyone else but you. This is one of the most vital responsibilities of a bodyguard. The difference between life and death can lie in the three seconds of picking up a change in the atmosphere before anything escalates.

By sensing the smell of burning plastic or elements, a bodyguard can initiate an evacuation and put out the fire before it engulfs an entire building with the people in it. Vigilance is a life-saving skill that differentiates a bodyguard from any regular person.

  1. CHANGE: One primary skill professional bodyguards must possess is the ability to make changes in a split second for the optimal security of their clients. This is important because when a threat or security risk is detected, there has to be a way to make changes that help avoid the situation altogether.

If you were traveling by your car for an important event, and somehow your bodyguard detected that someone had tampered with your car, it’s up to them to make a good change of plans to get you to your destination in time. Another example is if your bodyguard notices a strange car following you, they should be able to make a route change that helps get rid of the car and still be on course.

  1. DECISION MAKING: Split decision-making is one of the crucial skills of a bodyguard. It is essential that you can trust your bodyguard to make the best security decisions concerning your safety and that of your properties in the face of a threat.

Your bodyguard should be able to decide when a risk is worth taking, when an event is worth attending in the face of a threat, or when you should cancel and stay home till the danger is over. A bodyguard should also be able to tell when to bait an intruder into bringing them forward until they are caught. Your bodyguard should be able to assess the level of threat being faced, and make security decisions to either avert them or protect you and everything else in their care.

  1. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: In the event of a full-blown security crisis, the bodyguard is supposed to be ensuring everyone’s safety. They should also be able to manage the people present in a way that doesn’t make the matter worse.

For example, suppose it is apparent that there is a threatening individual in a building. In that case, a bodyguard should be able to organize and direct the people in a way that doesn’t put them at risk, or cause the intruder to go crazy. They should also contain the people screaming, crying, or trying to run or make risky decisions, until good help comes.

  1. GETTING HELP: Your bodyguard should know the best and quickest way to get the kind of help you need in any threatening situation. This goes beyond dialing the police every single time.

Getting help can mean the fire department or recruiting the service of other security personnel. A bodyguard must also be well skilled in timing the support they are getting. There will be no use of any help after a significant security risk has happened, or help that comes prematurely and compromises the situation even further.


There are many important reasons to hire a bodyguard as security in Brisbane. However, none of these would matter if you hired an incompetent bodyguard who doesn’t have half the skills a bodyguard should have.

Getting a professional and highly skilled bodyguard doesn’t have to be complicated and tedious if you check out Brisbane Security Management to hire the best and most experienced security guard in Brisbane. Call us now!