For Brisbane security or a security management Brisbane service, we can assist. You might be wondering what a static security guard does or what it means to be static versus crowd control. Static security guards perform a range of tasks including standing at the entrance to a bank, a commercial venue such as a convenience store or supermarket, industrial establishments, housing estates, hospitals and around construction projects as well as Government buildings. Keeping to a post is not just what static security guards in Brisbane do; sure, they check for authorised entry to a facility or restricted area and keep an eye on things to ensure that there is no trouble or incidents but they are not static per se. They are there to protect everyone and the area and perform patrols around the vicinity. As part of Brisbane security services, our static security guards conduct regular and thorough security patrols. The role of a static security guard is not just to check authorised entries but to patrol the area to check for vandals, thieves or would-be thieves, intruders and more. They safeguard your premises from flood, fire and other damage such as from vandals as well as manage hazards and prevent accidents from occurring. Our static security guards form part of Brisbane Security Management and our Brisbane security services go as far as identifying offences and taking action to mitigate risk. They adhere to Workplace, Health and Safety (WH&S) regulations and protocols and mitigate risk through managing hazards and other safety measures. Static security guards conduct patrols at various times of the day or night so there is an element of surprise should an offence or potential offence occur. If an incident takes place, security guards will log a report and this can be utilised as evidence if the Police are required to be involved. Furthermore, static security guards proactively ensure that rules and regulations are followed by employees, visitors and contractors. They provide peace of mind for stakeholders such as clientele, employees and visitors and their presence can mitigate an incident occurring. A static security guard as part of Brisbane security services can offer a company or client the aptitude to manage untoward incidents and they take appropriate actions to manage security of your premises and people.

Quality Service Guaranteed

Brisbane Security Management prides ourselves on delivering exceptional quality customer service and security guards in Brisbane service. Alex Stewart established Brisbane Security Management in Queensland to offer a Brisbane security service that is unparalleled. Armed with more than twenty years of industry experience, Alex manages the company proactively ensuring that good quality customer service is delivered and that a quality Brisbane security service is achieved. With experience as a static security guard, in crowd control and dog handling, Alex ensures that Brisbane Security Management’s security guards are highly-trained and experienced holding a valid security licence in accordance with the Security providers Act 1993. All dog handlers own and manage their dogs and we ensure that all dogs are maintained in excellent condition. Both our security guards and their dogs attend extensive training to ensure that they work to guidelines and protocols. Our security guards form part of our Brisbane security service and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and integrity. We are reliable and punctual and tailor a service to suit the individual clients’ needs and wishes. Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for communication between Management and the security guards, no incident goes undetected and if one occurs it is reported within a timely manner.

Crowd Control To The Rescue

As part of our Brisbane security service, we offer crowd control guards to manage your event or function’s security. All security guards in Brisbane with Brisbane Security Management hold a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and a First Aid Certificate. Our security guards are routinely kept up to date with security legislation and regulatory requirements. We can facilitate security presence at events and functions checking ID requirements and ensuring that the crowd behaves themselves. Our trained security guards can manage queues and control entry into the venue whether it is licensed or not. Additionally they can conduct searches of patrons prior to entrance into the facility or venue and manage aggressive or unruly behaviour. As part of our Brisbane security service, our guards can effectively de-escalate incidents with unruly behaviour or aggression and can forcibly remove the offender from the venue. Furthermore, our security guards remain abreast of emergency procedures and ensure that correct protocol is followed.