You’ve begun your search for a Brisbane based Security Company. Maybe you have never used a security company before or perhaps you are just wanting to see what Brisbane Security Management can offer. Through decades of on the job experience in security and security management, Brisbane Security Management can provide you guidance in what you should look for as a pre-requisite when engaging a security service company and also other traits. As a starting point we strongly believe in holding the relevant credentials to provide a security service. These come in the form of a security licence which involves passing through numerous hurdles to attain and certification which include ISO Quality Management  as well as Environmental Management. Years of on the job and security management experience is another cornerstone that should be considered when choosing and appointing your security management. The level of training a security guard has had is another consideration that must come into play when choosing a security service. At Brisbane Security Management our mission is to place only highly trained security guards at your facility. We strongly believe a security company should have degrees of flexibility. Your business may be going under constant change and you will likely need a security service that can adapt to your business as changes occur. 

About Brisbane Security Management

Brisbane Security Management is a fully licenced Brisbane Security Service provider operating throughout Queensland. The owner and operator Alex Stewart boasts decades of experience across various areas of security including crowd control, static guarding, dog handling all the way through to overseas postings. Alex’s track record and experience in security and security management allows Brisbane Security Management to provide an unrivalled experience to other security guard services across Queensland. We refuse to compromise on the quality of security  through ensuring our guards and guards with dogs attend regular training sessions to guarantee the team can offer the best possible service to the Brisbane security scene. Our mission is to provide our customers with highly trained security personnel while presenting utmost integrity and reliability through all of our operations. Brisbane Security Management offers a customised solution that meets and exceeds our clients’ needs. Our focus is to provide around the clock communication between management and security staff. We are committed to delivering recurring  on site supervision at consistent intervals. We cater for protection of a clients property, staff and assets and allow for continual training of all staff in public relations and personal responsibilities. For added peace of mind to all client we treat all engagements with strict confidentiality regarding client’s sites and security requirements. Our mission exhibits a high-quality service as a Brisbane security offering.

Our Services

At Brisbane Security Management we offer a unique mix of security services throughout Queensland. Our service offering spans from K-9 Security which offers our field specialty of providing trained protection dogs and handlers. We take pride in the selection and training of dogs. All dogs undergo thorough training before deployed in our service. Brisbane Security Managements Static Guards offering factors in the importance of providing the best protection to our clients premises and everything within it. We provide highly skilled guards who always maintain a high degree of professionalism and require our team to present well. For absolute peace of mind, our guards are fully equipped with equipment needed to successfully monitor the premises and communicate any findings. We guarantee to not outsource any services or use contractors for any services and provide in-house guards. If you requite a more tailored offering as a Brisbane security need our V.I.P Protection offer is a premium protection service with trained bodyguards that have undergone full training and boast abilities in tactical, protective and security related subjects including first aid, protocol and diplomacy. To complement our VIP Service is also the offering of Personal Body Guards which we place as an unrivalled option in this space through decades of experience and understanding the needs of clients who require personalised protection. As part of Brisbane Security Managements asset protection offering we provide a Cash-in-transit (CIT) security service in the form of guarded physical transfer of assets from banknotes, coins, credit cards and items of value from one location to your desired location. Locations we service extend from cash centres and bank branches, ATM points, large retailers and other premises holding large amounts of cash such as ticket vending machines and parking meters. Further to our asset protection offering is our Loss Prevention offer which allows for an added barrier in the form of a trained guard who will use their risk assessment to prevent the theft or destruction of your valuable stock or assets. We can provide well-mannered guards with a great ability to engage with patrons and staff to ensure order and safety is adhered throughout the course of an event. All staff hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and First Aid Certificate and are routinely kept up to date with new Security Legislation. In the event your property falls under receivership we can deploy a guard with or without our trained dog at short notice. Brisbane Security Management also offer an all inclusive Gate House Service where we can arrange our highly trained guards to assess staff and contractors entering a premises. Our trained guards will run a due diligence check by reviewing identification and particulars at the point of entry to ensure no unauthorised person/s are entering a site.