Several factors contribute to the final decision of hiring extra personal security services in Brisbane. For celebrities, it always involves being protected from paparazzi, crazy mobs, or even regular people who might do one thing or the other out of sheer excitement. For high-profile people, it might be about things like protection from robbers and personal attacks from rivals, depending on the industry they belong to.

However, as we continue to grow and evolve as a society, we realize that security guards in Brisbane are not a phenomenon reserved for stars and high-profile individuals alone.

Studies have shown that more and more people are getting worried about their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones for one reason or the other. If, as an individual, you observe yourself getting increasingly anxious about the security of your friends, family, property, or life, getting a bodyguard is a great way to ease your mind of this anxiety.

Roles Of A Bodyguard Or Personal Security

Suppose you have ever wondered why you should pay for protection services or extra security and precisely what they will be doing asides following you around, we have listed some of the significant roles of bodyguards here:

  1. Timely responses: If you’ve ever been in a situation requiring immediate security attention or ever experienced what it is to be an emergency service provider, you would know how many messages and calls come in every minute of every hour.

In an emergency, your bodyguard is your first point of contact and defense in dealing with any threatening situation before it escalates. Even if the police department in your local area responds within minutes, the presence of a bodyguard means that you can get a response as the situation is developing, within seconds or even at the slightest hint of danger before it occurs. Bodyguards are trained in all kinds of measures, and are ready to handle any situation as it is happening.

  1. Round-the-clock Surveillance: One of the primary ways a skilled bodyguard can ensure that you are always one step ahead of security threats or incidents is through surveillance and counter-surveillance.

Bodyguards carry out as much research as needed in the case of threats. They are also great for cooperating with the police or private investigators to help unravel any security issues that might be damning. They can be attentive to all your technological security measures, install them, check for faults, maintain and monitor them. When needed, they are also skilled at searching and spotting any irregularity in your home or with your properties that may prevent a serious issue before it occurs.

  1. Outstanding character evaluation: Some people need a bodyguard for fear from people, not necessarily for fear of accidents, because quite honestly, there are crazy people out there.

Most bodyguards are exceptionally skilled in identifying suspicious movements, body language, odd characters, questionable looks, and any other behavioral threat that might not be obvious to the regular person. While many people consider themselves great judges of character, the majority aren’t trained or experienced in identifying curious characters in real-time, or skilled enough to contain the situation without raising an alarm and escalating the incident.

  1. They provide comfort: There is no way to measure or describe the bliss one can experience knowing fully well and being confident that their lives, properties, families, and other loved ones are safe and secure.

Bodyguards help you worry less and live more by doing the hard work of being on the constant lookout for you and all that concerns you. This means you can focus on other important things like growing those properties, and creating beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Important Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Personal Security

Ultimately, the important question is where to get the best bodyguard and how to determine the qualities that make a bodyguard an exceptional one. Here are some of the most important things to look out for when hiring security in Brisbane.

  1. PHYSICAL AND MENTAL FITNESS: A bodyguard’s core duty is to ensure the safety of the person and/or properties they are hired to protect. They ensure that you, your property, and your loved ones are safe from such incidents as assault, theft, assassination, kidnapping, and every other danger lurking. Therefore, a bodyguard must be mentally and physically skilled; both qualities are equally important.
  2. PROVEN YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: It doesn’t matter what skilled service you require, from piloting to health care, you wouldn’t want to hire a complete rookie. This same logic should also apply when hiring a bodyguard. They must have some proven years of military or paramilitary service. This is the only way to verify that they are sufficiently trained in professional skills like observation, detection, reporting, firearms carriage, handling, deterring, etc.
  3. PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED: Everyone must be trained to reach the maximal potentials of their abilities. Without schooling and proof of formal or informal training, you wouldn’t want someone who is simply passionate about animals to be your vet doctor. Likewise, the role of a bodyguard is too crucial to be left with someone who is the best weight-lifter in their gym. Training is a critical element of the job of a bodyguard. They must be well trained to detect and defend. You would also need someone who can manage both crowds and situations perfectly (and simultaneously when required).
  4. EXCELLENT JUDGEMENT: A bodyguard is expected to make the best decision in a life and death situation in seconds. This is why you must ensure that whoever you hire must have outstanding judgment. Your bodyguard must be composed, intelligent, and a quick-thinker.
  5. EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION: It’s not enough for your bodyguard to be a superior judge of character and situation, they must also be skilled in communicating their judgment adequately. Your bodyguard must be honest, precise, eloquent, and confident when speaking. These skills are crucial in critical situations and can be the difference between containing and escalating a situation.


When looking to hire a bodyguard, you want to avoid incompetent, inexperienced, and inconsistent individuals. The entire point of hiring a bodyguard is that you might feel confident and at peace knowing that you have hired the best security management in Brisbane for your life, properties, and loved ones.

Your search for the best will always bring you to us at Brisbane Security Management. We are confident of providing you with the most competent individuals vastly skilled and sufficiently experienced to help keep you safe and protected.